3 great reasons to hire a skip for your spring cleaning

Christmas is over for another year, the New Year’s resolutions have been made, and the odds are your thoughts are turning to spring. It’s a great time of year to be spring cleaning your home, and hiring a skip is the perfect way to maximise your productivity and get the most out of your spring clean.

Here are three great reasons to hire a skip for your spring cleaning…

1. Economical and time saving

Think of how much rubbish you can fit in the boot of your car. Now think about how many times you will need to drive to the tip and back in order to empty that boot over and over again. Then consider the vast amount of energy you will waste putting things in your car, driving there, unloading, driving back, and repeating. And finally, think about the amount of petrol you will waste doing it. Suddenly, a skip is a very enchanting prospect that will save you a massive amount of time, and is an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to wasting all that fuel!

2. Big items

If you have any large items that you need to get rid of the odds are they won’t fit easily in your car. Furniture, fallen logs and tree branches, and even the packaging from all those lovely Christmas presents can be tricky to fit in the boot. With a skip, space isn’t an issue. You can quickly and easily throw everything you want to be rid of into it with minimal effort, and without damaging your car!

3. Simplicity

When you go to the tip with your rubbish you have to sort everything out. Cardboard in one place, electricals in another, and garden waste somewhere else. When you hire a skip you take the guess work out of what needs to go where and have one very large box in which to put everything in – simple!

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