How long can we keep the skip?

Typical English weather prolonging the job? Don’t worry, our skips are normally hired for a two week period, however, we are very flexible and willing to negotiate the time period if needed.

How much longer than the 2 week period can we push it?

It’a a really tricky one for use to manage, and we’re reviewing this topic as we speak. We want to give you the best service possible, but we also on’t want you holding on to our skips for 4 months! – You may laugh but it does happen!
Basically, you can get away with booking the skip for 4 weeks without us charging any extra. Anything longer than that then we’d just have a conversation and hopefully we can come up with something that works for both of us

How many days is between delivery and collection?

Whether you book a skip online or you book over the phone, you can tell us what day you want the skip delivered and what day you would like a collection made.