How to get a Skip Permit?

Putting a skip on the road can help people who have limited space, limited access, or no space for a skip at all! Depending on the area depends on what regulations are required to be met. For example, Does the skip require lights if it’s on the road? Here we’ve answered a couple of frequently asked questions about putting a skip on the road.

What do you need to do to get a skip on the road?

The legal requirements for putting a skip on the road vary from place to place, and from council to council. The first thing you need to secure is a road permit, or a license. We can do this for you, but you can also do it yourself by contacting your local council. The council will then review the application and give you a response. It isn’t always accepted, for example, in Bath there are a number of streets where they won’t allow skips on the road.
There may also be some legal requirements for putting skips on the road which is again dependant on where the skip is located.
– Marked with our business name, address and telephone number
– In good condition, eg no holes
– Not going to cause any injuries to pedestrians who brush past it
– Not an obstruction to road or footpath users
– Not blocking any drains
– Painted yellow on both ends to reflect headlights of approaching cars
– Not placed on a verge
– Not placed outside nightclubs when the club is in use
We may also be required to put lights or traffic cones around the skip depending on where the skip is, and the requirements of the local council.

Can you put the skip on the pavement?

No, You are not allowed to put a skip on the pavement. This actually goes for hippo bags too!

I’m not going to get a skip, i’ll just put out a Hippo Bag…

By law you will still need a license for a hippo bag, or any other skip bag.

What are the benefits of getting us to get the permit for you?

We do charge an admin fee of around £10 for us to get the permit for you, but you will benefit from our close relationship with the council, the applications get turned around quicker than normal domestic applications, if there are any push-backs then we have the experience and availability to deal with it there and then, and finally, if there are any requirements such as lights etc then we can see to that immediately without you having to give up any of your time.

How long does it take ot get a Skip Permit?

This entirely depends on the council. Some of the council departments have many more applications to get through and as a result they can take much longer. We generally advise to allow 5-7 working days, if you’d like more information then please feel free to call us on 0117 986 5275.

How long does a skip permit last for?

Skip permits are for 28days from when the skip was dropped.

How much does a permit cost?

The cost of a permit does vary slightly from council to council. Bristol City Council, B&NeS and South Gloucestershire permits are all around £65. We do charge a £10 admin fee + VAT for us to book the skip for you.

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