How much space do I need for the Skip and the truck?

How much space do I need for the truck to deliver the skip?

How much space do I need for the skip and the truck?
Although we are able to get skips into small spaces we do need a minimum of 3m roadway or path for the skip lorry to deliver the skip.

How big does my driveway need to be for a skip?

Our skips come in all different sizes so we can help you find the right size skip for the space you have available and the job you need it for. Our smallest skip is our mini skip, holding about 40 black bags of waste and is 6ft x 4.6ft. Most driveways can accommodate a skip of this size and it’s the ideal skip size for garden clearances and small building jobs.

How much room do the lorries need for access?

All our skips are delivered on large, heavy vehicles. We usually need a minimum 3m clearance width for the lorry to access. We can however put the skip down in a smaller space as the lifting mechanisms give us the ability to squeeze the skip into slighter spaces. We may ask you to sign a disclaimer if there are items around that might get in the way.

Can the skip go in my garden?

We can deliver skips into your garden providing there is the required access. Skips will not be placed on unstable or soft ground without a disclaimer being signed. Some driveways are still quite soft when an 8 tonne loaded skip is on them. this needs to be taken into consideration.

Other access issues to think about

If you have any of the following obscuring the access please put it in the order notes or mention the booking team on the phone.

  • Overhanging Trees / Branches / Bushes
  • Overhanging Structures such as roofs / walls
  • Power cables (overhead & ground level)
  • Telephone cables (overhead & ground level)
  • Drain covers (weak or prominent)

For more information about the space you need for your skip hire, contact us on or call on 0117 986 5275