What can’t I put in a skip?

This is the most commonly asked question.
Firstly, we do not have a hazardous waste license, so we can’t accept anything hazardous at this time.
This includes
– Asbestos
– Paint
– Oil
– Batteries
– Chemicals
– Liquids

Other items we reserve the right to turn away.
– Tree Stumps
– Contaminated Soil

List of things we DO accept but we charge extra for

Some items we can take, buy in order for us to dispose of them responsibly there are additional costs involved. All prices are subject to VAT.
– Railway sleepers (£10)
– Mattresses (£20)
– Tyres (£10)
– Fridges (£45)
– Freezers (£45)

Can I put both, soil, rubble and tree stumps in it together?

We accept a mix of waste in our general waste skips. The only time you can’t put a variety of things within a skip is when you have a requested a skip that is only for one material. Some customers order a skip for only hardcore, or to fill with only soil.

When filling the skip please ensure it is a level load, this means keeping the waste within the
shape of the skip, this includes not using timber down the sides of the skip in order to include
more waste as this will be unsafe and will make the skip overloaded (our drivers have a duty
of care to ensure they are carrying a safe and level load).
We accept a mix of waste in our general waste skips, but please note if you intend to put
rubble or earth for example in the skip, we only hire out a maximum of an 8-yard skip as
otherwise it becomes too heavy for our vehicles to lift.