Hiring a Skip – Do I need a Permit?

This depends on where the skip is going in Bristol and Bath. If your skip is being placed on your driveway or a private road then there is no need for a permit. Remember this also applies to hippo bags (it’s a common mistake to think that these are an alternative to a skip when a permit is required) but they are subject to the same ‘On Road Permit rules’.  

Putting a skip on the road can help if you have limited space, limited access, or no space for a skip at all! Here are a few things to remember if you need a skip with a permit:

  1. We can help you to organise a permit. You can do this yourself, but the legal requirements for putting a skip on the road vary and are different for each council. Some customers find it easier for us to manage this process for them (we charge a £10 + VAT fee for this).
  2. It takes between 5-7 days to get a permit approved, so remember to factor this in when planning your project dates.
  3. Permits last for 28 days from the date when the skip was dropped.
  4. Costs of a permit vary slightly from council to council. Bristol City Council, B&NeS and South Gloucestershire permits are all around £65.
  5. Depending on where the skip is being placed, we may be required to put lights or traffic cones around it. We benefit from our close relationship with the council and our understanding of local requirements, so find our applications get turned around quicker than normal domestic applications.

To find out more information about skip permits, take a look at our detailed Permit FAQ’s or give us a call us on 0117 986 5275.