How easy is it to hire a skip?

The idea of paying money to remove your own rubbish – using a massive metal box that sits outside your property – is a bit daunting for some folk. Particularly if you have never hired a skip before.

So, let’s break it down and look at ways to make the whole process more straightforward and reassuring. After all, this is designed to help you with renovations, a house clear out or a gardening project. You have enough work on your hands, without adding to the stress.

Look for versatile and flexible skip hire

First off, a good skip hire company will chat to you about what you need and will be highly responsive to your individual requirements. There should be no chance this skip hire will run away with you.

They often print tables, charts and specifications for those people who want to DIY the hire. But a good company is just as happy talking to newbies who need friendly advice.

Have a good chat about what size you need, but also the optimum timeframe for it being parked in your garden or driveway. You need a good window to load it, when you are absolutely ready, without leaving an empty skip just begging for the neighbours to bag all the space!

This doesn’t mean you have to book the skip then scramble around trying to be ready on time. Using the right skip hire company could mean booking the skip as soon as you are ready, and having it outside within hours.

Where to put your skip

Which brings us to location. Again, a good skip hire company can help you find the right spot to place it. You want it to be handy and accessible, with minimum walking distance from where the bulk of your rubbish will be.

But the more secluded and private the better. If it can be screened by a fence or garage it improves the chance of it avoiding detection by fly tippers.

Oh, and of course the skip hire company will want to be able to drop off and collect it without putting your fences, walls or other external features in any kind of jeopardy! So chat to them about accessibility too.

Size matters, but there’s big help there

Size clearly matters in this instance. There’s no point paying for more room than you need or finding yourself with a prematurely full skip.

Skips range from smaller than the average family hatchback, to ones that could take well over 100 black bags of rubbish. Give some thought to how much stuff you have and how many bags it may fill, and what length and breadth individual items are.

Then chat with a responsive and friendly skip hire company to find the skip that’s the best fit for purpose.

Talk terms. It’s not immovable

Don’t hesitate to chat to your skip hire supplier rather than feeling constrained by online or printed price lists.

For example, if you need a skip for long-term use – with regular or spontaneous emptying – there’s a deal to be done. Terms are sometimes easier to move than the skips are!

Can you put the wrong things in?

One of the biggest fears for people hiring skips for the first time is if they can do it wrong when filling it. The basic rule of thumb is that you can chuck just about anything in (break bigger things down if possible to make more space).

The exemptions are anything which may be hazardous to humans or the environment – they have to be disposed of separately. For example, toxic waste, gas bottles, electrical items, solvents and paints, and tyres.

It’s common sense for the most part but it’s another thing that good skip hire companies are happy to discuss. If in doubt, talk it out. Give us a call today to get started.