Moving house? Then it’s time to hire a skip

Moving house is billed as a stressful experience and indeed things can happen that are entirely out of our control. Yet there are elements we can control that help to add order to proceedings. Getting the timing right on packing our household possessions is certainly an area of moving house we all struggle with. When do we pack and how much do we pack? The activity we can start quite early in the process is to shed the things we no longer need or want. Here are three good reasons to hire a skip for your forthcoming house move:

1. Reduce your moving costs

Whilst some of us relish the idea of clearing our clutter, others can struggle with letting go. Yet there is nothing quite like moving house to motivate our actions. Think about the move and the limited space you will have, reducing your possessions now could save money on your moving costs.

2. Start anew

The enjoyable part of a house move is being given a chance to start with a clean slate. A different style or size of house can be a great excuse to think differently about our possessions. Channelling such a positive state of mind can help to ease the stresses of a move and instead turn it into a project to focus on.

3. Conscientious disposal

Nobody likes senseless waste and it is often the thought of throwing things away that stops a good clear out. When approaching a move, it helps to define disposal categories so that saleable items can go to charity. The good news is that with a Bateman skip even your waste is sorted for recyclables. Planning and organising the disposal of items ensures you can get rid of your unwanted clutter conscientiously. Over 95% of the waste collected by Bateman Skip Hire is recycled.

Get your house move off to a great start with Bateman Skip Hire. We provide skip hire in Bristol and skip hire in Bath. Book a skip online or contact us for a quote today.