Roll On Roll Off Skips (RoRo's)

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Bristol and Bath has been our home since opening our transfer station in Keynsham in 2003. 


Commercial RORO Services

20yd & 40yd RoRo's

Usually hired for large Commercial and Industrial projects, 20yd and 40yd Roll On Roll Off Skips are the best solution for large waste outputs. RoRo’s are more popular in the construction industry, but we recommend them as cost effective option to any sector that produces high quantities of waste.

We offer our RoRo’s for a range of different waste types and are willing to work with you to make sure you get the best solution for the job.


Our Commitment

Our quality of service has always been the highest priority. We regularly assess our Customer Service and our Skips to make sure it’s in line with your project and organisation. 

hook loading end of the 20 yard skip

Roll On Roll Off Information

Roll On Roll Off FAQs

When it comes to Roll On Roll Off’s the pricing is entirely based on the type of the waste and the weight. We recommend calling us, or getting in contact using our Commercial Contact Form for the most accurate quote. 

The main benefits of RoRo’s come with the size. They can take away more waste from your site in one go, this is great if you’re trying to minimise vehicle movements and reducing your carbon footprint. 

They’re also useful for the removal of really large bulky items.

We have 2 sizes of Roll On Roll Off skips; 20yd and 40yd. If you have any questions regarding the size then please get in contact, between our RoRo’s and  Chain Delivered Skips, we are sure we’ll be able to meet your requirements. 

Roll On Roll Off Skips are the biggest type of skip there is. they are containers delivered using a Hook Loader, They Roll On to the Hook Loader and then Roll Off when they are being delivered, hence the name. They are also called RoRo’s, or Roll On-Off’s. 

RoRo’s are very big and we need more than double the space of the RoRo when delivering and collecting them. Please review the graphical representions above to give you an idea of 

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