Waste Transfer Station

Founded in 2003

Providing industry-leading waste management services from our purpose-built materials recycling facility in Keynsham.


Tipping your waste

We operate one of the largest materials recycling facilities in Bristol & Bath, utilising the latest industry-leading technology and machinery, as well as the experience we’ve built over 20 years as a family run business.

Our waste transfer station can accept up to 150,000 tonnes of waste each year and we accept all waste types- welcoming the tipping of all general waste and mixed recyclables.


Striving for Zero Waste to Landfill

Our goal is to achieve zero waste to landfill by 2020 and this is reflected in our business decisions and recycling infrastructure investments.

What materials do we Recycle/Re-process?

• All ferrous/nonferrous metals – including iron, copper, brass etc
• Paper/ cardboard/ newspaper
• Wood
• Construction & demolition waste
• Hardcore (rubble and stone)
• Soils and screened fines


Our transfer station in Keynsham – ideally located between Bristol and Bath and easily accessible from the Bath Road, is highly convenient for disposing of all types of wastes collected across Bristol, Bath and the surrounding areas. Trade and commercial clients are able to deliver waste to us easily and efficiently, avoiding traffic and problematic access and logistics issues, which are often experienced with inner-city sites.

The convenience of location and reliability of the service we provide at our Waste Transfer Station, has been invaluable for our clients across the local area.

The site is suitable for all size of vehicles and we pride ourselves on the speed and service we offer. Our average tipping wait times of under 5 minutes, allows those unloading waste to be back out on the road again, improving efficiencies and turnaround times for projects/when on site.

Sustainable Waste Recycling

Bateman Skips is a registered waste carrier offering comprehensive commercial and domestic waste recycling. We are fully regulated by the Environment Agency and it is our mission to reduce, reuse and recycle in order to protect our environment.

Segregating waste at source remains the best environmental and commercial option for waste producers and we are currently able to recycle 95% of all material handled.

We know that sustainable and environmentally conscious waste removal is a priority for many responsible businesses. We can work closely with you to help lower your carbon footprint, and ensure the waste you generate is dealt with in line with environmental policies, supported by environmental waste reporting.

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