Lifting Skips Over Walls

We understand that getting the skip into the right place to help your project is important, which is why we are willing to work with you to get it into the right place, even if that means lifting the skip over a wall, a fence or hedge. 

We will lift most of our skips over an obstacle for you to get it in the right place. We say a maximum of 4ft is achievable and in most cases, we will ask for someone to be there to watch and to sign a disclaimer in the unlikely event we hit something.

Our booking team will look up your address on Google Streetview to try to get an idea of what your property looks like and how high the obstacle is. 

In this video you can see that the wall is only 1-1.5ft high. We are very used to this kind of Skip Delivery, so we didn’t require the customer to sign a disclaimer.