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Why are sizes

16 Cubic Yard Skip

How much does a 16 yard skip cost?: £372.00
Our Excluding VAT Price for 16 yard skip is: £310.00
Cubic Size (In Yards): 16 Cubic Yards - 16 yards3
Cubic Size (In Metres): 12.2 Cubic Metres - 12.2m3
Length: Approx 14ft (4.2m)
Width: Approx 6ft (1.8m)
Height: Approx 6ft (1.8m)

More information about a 16 Yard Skip

Our 16 yard skips are fantastic if you have a substantial amount of waste to clear. These large skips are popular on industrial and commercial sites, such as shop fittings and construction sites, where light and bulky waste is produced. They can also be used by domestic clients for large jobs, such as a complete house renovation. Not suitable to contain soil and stone.

What kind of jobs are 16 yard skips suitable for?

Our 16 yard skips are popular amongst businesses for commercial clearances because they often have bulky waste that won't fit in smaller skips.
How much waste can you get in a 16 yard skip?

You can fit a lot of bulky items into this skip. We don't recommend getting this skip for just hardcore, as we can't take away more than 8 tonnes regardless of the size of skip, otherwise our trucks will be over weight.