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Why are sizes approximate?

2 Cubic Yard Skip

How much does a 2 yard skip cost?: £144.00
Our Excluding VAT Price for 2 yard skip is: £120.00
Cubic Size (In Yards): 2 Cubic Yards - 2yards3
Cubic Size (In Metres): 1.52 Cubic Metres - 1.52m3
Length: Approx 4ft (1.2m)
Width: Approx 3.5ft (1m)
Height: Approx 3ft (0.9m)

More information about a 2 Yard Skip

Our 2 yard skips are the smallest size of skip that we carry, and are ideal for smaller clear-out jobs, spring cleaning your house or for getting rid of your garden waste.
Their compact size means that we are very often able to place it off road on the smallest of driveways.

What kind of jobs are 2 yard skips suitable for?

Our 2 yard skips are predominantly hired out for domestic use, but we do get the occasional business and builder who requests them. They are the smallest skip we do, so they're perfect for fitting in tight gateways or tight car parking spaces if you are getting a permit
How much waste can you get in a 2 yard skip?

Kitchen Cabinets, Chairs, Small Bike, Garden Waste, and 2 tonne of soil and stone.
Approx 25-35 black bags

Skip Uses and Features:

Great for house/ garden clearances and small DIY projects
Small and Convenient