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Why are sizes

8 Cubic Yard Skip

How much does a 8 yard skip cost?: £270.00
Our Excluding VAT Price for 8 yard skip is: £225.00
Cubic Size (In Yards): 8 Cubic Yards - 8yards3
Cubic Size (In Metres): 6.1 Cubic Metres - 6.1m3
Length: Approx 11ft (3.4m)
Width: Approx 6ft (1.8m)
Height: Approx 4.5ft (1.4m)

More information about a 8 Yard Skip

8 yard skips are the largest we can put out for heavy materials such as soil and hardcore, however they are still one of the most popular sizes. They are extremely popular for larger clear-outs and commercial jobs and are excellent for carrying bulky items.

What kind of jobs are 8 yard skips suitable for?

Our 8 yard skips are the most popular skips we do. The mix between commercial and domestic is 55% to 45% respectively. they give you that little bit more space above the 6 yard to add in those extra items around the house, or in the shed that have been bothering you for months!
How much waste can you get in a 8 yard skip?

8 tonne of soil and stone, Commercial clearances, All site waste

Skip Uses and Features:

8 yd skips are ideal for larger DIY projects and house extensionsSuitable for bulky items and heavy waste such as soil/stone etc.Approx 100-120 black bags