Skip Sizes and Information

Dimensions, size comparisons, photos and videos for 2 – 20 Yard Skips

Here’s a list of all the chain lifted skips and the different sizes we have available for hire. We have 2 Yard up to 20 yard skips ready for any application, domestic or commercial

If you need help, our friendly team are always on hand to guide you through ordering the most appropriate skip size.

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You can also visit our Skip FAQs page – And if you have any questions that aren’t on the list, then please call us so we can add it for future customers!

Comparison of Skip Sizes and Capacities (metric and imperial)

ⓘ Skip sizes are all approximate, find out why >>.

Skip size Capacity yd3 Capacity m3 Height ft (m) Length ft (m) Width ft (m) Max Weight Capacity T
2 Yard Skip 2 1.5 3ft (0.9m) 4ft (1.2m) 3.5ft (1m) 2 Tonnes
4 Yard Skip 4 3 3ft (0.9m) 6ft (1.8m) 4.5ft (1.4m) 4 Tonnes
6 Yard Skip 6 4.6 4ft (1.2m) 8ft6 (2.6m) 5ft (1.5m) 6 Tonnes
8 Yard Skip 8 6.1 4.5ft (1.4m) 11ft (3.4m) 6ft (1.8m) 8 Tonnes
10 Yard Skip 10 7.6 5ft (1.5m) 12ft (3.66m) 6ft (1.8m) 8 Tonnes
12 Yard Skip 12 9.2 5.5ft (1.7m) 13ft (4m) 6ft (1.8m) 8 Tonnes
16 Yard Skip 16 12.2 6ft (1.8m) 14ft (4m) 6ft (1.8m) 8 Tonnes
20 Yard Skip 20 15.3 6ft5 (2m) 14.8ft (4.3m) 7ft10 (2.4m) 8 Tonnes