Skip to it – is your garden ready for summer?

Have you spent the long winter months dreaming of spending leisurely days in the garden, only to look out of the window and be overwhelmed with the work needed to get it ship-shape?

This could be the perfect moment to consider cheap skip hire in Bristol or Bath, as it could be the incentive you need to get cracking.

What can go in a garden waste skip?

That ancient patio furniture can be gone in days, thanks to affordable skip hire than can be booked online in minutes. You can also use an easy load skip to dispose of all the organic materials like grass, twigs and weeds if the amount is too much to put in your green recycling bin.

But the beauty of skip hire is you can even use it to get rid of any stones, bricks, rubble, old plant pots and other materials lurking in your garden.

Just think how much better your view will be if you get out there and get rid of all the dead or dubious plants, give those lawns a good trim and take action against any weed infestations. Tatty shed and play equipment can be disposed of with ease. Chop back some of the undergrowth, remove all that debris and throw it in your skip, so you can make space for that barbecue area or the new patio you dreamed of.

Skip hire to save money

Paying someone to clear the garden could be costly, so find yourself family and friends who are willing to lend a hand, and a hire a skip for garden waste, as it works out far cheaper. Your volunteers can then enjoy a nice cold drink in your lovely garden on the next warm day.

Skip to suit you

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small backyard or palatial grounds, you can get the size of skip you need, and you can hire it for a day or for longer; you decide.

Check the skip hire price list and size options, and either book online or ring and ask for advice.