4 things to think about when hiring a Skip in the winter.

Construction slows down over winter, and it’s understandable, but for those who are still requiring a skip over winter, we have a list of X points that we would like you to consider.

Skip Lorry Access could be restricted by the ground on site.

If the ground on your site is soil, grass or any other material that absorbs a lot of water, and if it has bad run-off for the rain when it does come, then you need to let us know at the time of booking. We are always willing to work with you, but in order for us to prevent any undesirable consequences, like a lorry not being able to pick the skip up, then we need to plan ahead and make sure we send a suitable vehicle to collect the skip.

Be careful not to let the skip fill up with water when the rain comes

Rain can come down quite quickly, and the majority of our skips are new so they don’t have any holes in them. When this happens it ends up with the skip getting filled with water. We suggest covering it with a tarpaulin to prevent this from happening.

Soil, Grass and other inert materials like to absorb water

Over the winter we will be careful when supplying skips for inert material. It’s mainly the pickup that we need to be careful with. If you have a 6 Yard Skip for Soil & Stone and you fill it up to the top, this would usually weight 6 Tonnes during the summer, and this isn’t an issue when it comes to collecting in either a 15 or 18 Tonne Skip Lorry. However, during the winter, and especially if we’ve had a heavy downpour, that 6 Yard skip can weight up to 2 Tonnes more. In this scenario, we need to make sure we send our 18 Tonne Skip Lorries to collect the skip. If you can try to cover the skip to prevent it getting filled with water we would be very grateful!

If the Snow gets heavy we may not be able to deliver your skip, or we may have to close for the day

When the snow comes it can really impact the transport industry, and sadly we aren’t excluded from that. We have had to close in the past and we have had to call some customers with restricted access and talk to them about changing the delivery day. This generally isn’t too much of an issue because if the snow is bad enough for us to shut, it usually means you don’t need to use the skip that day.