They put what in it? The four strangest things found in skips…

Skip hire is definitely not suitable for the disposal of certain things, but unfortunately that doesn’t mean they never end up in them…

Live animals

Unwanted pets rescued from skips by kind hearted waste workers have included rabbits, kittens, puppies and even a hamster.


In 2016 workers at a waste management site were evacuated when one of them found a grenade while emptying a skip. Police were called and a cordon was set up before experts were able to confirm that the weapon was not live.

A baby

In September 2016 a man searching through rubbish for possible salvage found a two-week-old baby girl in a skip in the Thai holiday resort of Patong. The infant was smiling up at her bemused rescuer. Probably abandoned because her mother was financially unable to support her, the little girl was placed in the care of authorities, and was given a clean bill of health.

A whole caravan

Almost infamously in 2015 an astonished waste collector found a complete caravan precariously perched on top of the skip he had come to retrieve. The driver politely explained to the apparently surprised customer that the caravan could not be taken away as it was. The customer agreed to break it down.

It later transpired that the customer had called the office to ensure that caravans were not on the list of banned items for the skip hire firm. They admitted that caravans had not been on that list at the time, as it seemed very obvious to them that it was impossible for a caravan to be put into a skip. Where there’s a will…

If you’d like to hire a skip for the disposal of items other than the above (unless your caravan is already broken down of course), feel free to contact us today.