Why our drivers refuse skips using Greedy Boards

Greedy Boards refer to the boards you put on the back of a pickup vehicle to increase the height of the pickup area so you can get more in. Well when it comes to ‘Greedy Boards’ in Skips, we’ve seen it all. The photos below were two great examples where our driver has turned up and has asked the customer to remove enough waste to bring it down to a level load.

Although we agree that it isn’t safe for a driver to take away a skip that is overloaded, it isn’t actually a policy that is enforced by us. Transport Laws, upheld by the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency), state that a skip must be level when transported on a public highway. This means that it isn’t actually Bateman Skips, the company who will get in trouble, it is the driver who gets penalised directly by the DVSA.

So next time you have a skip, and you decide to load it higher than the sides, please don’t get angry with the Driver if he asks you to remove some of the waste. We always say that if you need a skip, get the biggest skip your budget will allow. this is because once you start filling it you generally find more waste that you could do with getting rid of, and that’s how you end up with skips piled higher than they should be, like the two in the photos above!