Which size skip do I need?

Skip hire isn’t tricky but ordering the right size skip can be. It can be difficult to judge how much space the rubbish that is spread out across your home, garden or building project will need once it is compacted into a skip. Nobody wants to spend more money on a skip than they need to but it can be extremely frustrating and costly to fill a skip and find that you still have rubbish to accommodate. We look at the different sizes of skip available and give you some tips to answer the question, ‘Which size skip do I need?’

2 Yard Skips (also known as mini-skips)

If you only have around 25-35 bags of rubbish to get rid of then this is the skip for you. A mini-skip is a typical choice for homeowners who are undertaking a small DIY or garden project.

4 Yard Skips (also known as midi-skips)

When your rubbish load goes up to around 45-55 bags of waste, you will need a 4-yard skip (obviously 4-yard skip prices are a bit higher than 2-yard skip prices). This size skip is suitable for dealing with the waste from kitchen or bathroom refits and is suitable for both soil and hardcore. If you are undertaking a reasonably sized house clearance, this is the skip for you.

6 Yard Skips (also known as small builders’ skips)

With a 6-yard skip, you are moving into the amount of waste for a small building project or a large house clearance. The popular choice of skip size will take around 80-100 rubbish bags. The popularity of the 6-yard skip is partly because it is large enough to take whole pieces of furniture and reasonable amounts of heavy material such as hardcore.

8 Yard Skips (also known as large builders’ skips)

8-yard skips are a considerable size and, because of this, are the largest skip that you can fill with heavy materials such as rubble or hardcore. An 8-yard skip can hold around 100-120 bags of waste or 36 wheelbarrow loads of hardcore or soil and is most usually selected for commercial needs and larger clearance projects.

12 Yard Skips

12-yard skip hire is useful for bigger loads but it is worth remembering that these skips are too big to be safely filled with soil or hardcore. They are, however, great for lighter weight waste such as furniture or shop fittings. A 12-yard skip can hold 150-180 bags of rubbish.

16 Yard Skips (also known as maxi-skips)

Like the 12-yard skip, the 16-yard skip can only be used for lighter rubbish but is ideal for the removal of furniture and house fittings during a house clearance or for a commercial clearance project. A 16-yard skip will take 180-230 black rubbish bags.

20-40 Yard Roll on/Roll off Skips

Roll on/roll off (also known as RoRo) skips are skips that offer a large-capacity waste clearance option. These skips are suitable for larger construction projects but may not be available on sites with restricted access. RoRo skips are commonly used by construction professionals and are not a common choice for domestic projects.

Whichever skip you decide is suitable for your project, it is always a good idea to talk to the experts before you make your final decision. At Bateman Skip Hire, we are happy to offer all prospective clients who are interested in skip hire in the Bristol and Bath area the benefit of our expert advice. No matter how big or small your project, we will discuss your capacity and site access requirements and are happy to offer a cheap quote online. Speak to a friendly advisor on 0800 019 4530 or email us at customers@findaskip.co.uk.