Who is responsible for the skip when it’s on hire?

In the office, we always talk about how we can better serve and help you when hiring a skip. “How many times do people hire a skip”? Unless you’re a builder, the average domestic customer only orders one or two skips in their life! So it’s safe to say that you aren’t particularly used to the Do’s and Dont’s of Skips.

When the Skip is on it’s way to you, and when it is making its journey back to our Transfer Station, the skip, and the waste, is soley our responsibility. When the skip is outside your house, whether it’s in your back garden, on your drive or on the road, the skip and the waste is your responsibility. This doesn’t impact the vast majority of our customers, but occasionally we do hear about some cases of Fly Tipping.

Below are some methods we recommend to reduce the chances of anyone tipping their waste in your skip!

  • Use our Wait & Load service. We give you 30 minutes to fill the skip and take it away there and then. This is the only guaranteed way of making sure no one tips their waste in your skip.
  • Keep the skip off the road. If you have the skip on private land, people are less likely to trespass and fill your skip with their rubbish!
  • Keep the skip in sight of your house. Just like the above point, people are less likely to put their waste in your skip if you are able to view the skip a window in your house.
  • Get an enclosed skip. Enclosed skips have doors on them and are lockable. No one’s getting in that skip in a hurry!
  • Finally, and this is one of our favourites, cover the skip. One of our customers in Bath covered the skip with a tarpaulin, cable-tied one end to two of the chain points and then tied a string around the other two chain points when they left the skip overnight. It worked really well for them.