I’ve measured the skip, and it’s different to your sizes online!

Most customers are happy with the size of the skip they get, but occasionally we get a customer call up a little confused that the skip they have on their drive has different dimensions we have listed on our main Skip Information page. Well, in our FAQ section you will find a little paragraph or two about why all chain delivered skips come in different sizes.

Below is a quick summary of the points made in this FAQ section

  • The skip size is referring to a cubic measurement (2 Yard Skip = 2 Cubic Yard Skip), which means that so long as the cubic capacity meets this number then the length, height and the width can vary.
  • When people measure the skip they measure the furthest external edges. This includes the support beams which add around 150mm to the overall bucket dimension.
  • As well as the height, width and length of the skip varying so does the angle of the bottom of the skip, and in some cases the top, which impacts the total volume of the skip.

But why aren’t the sizes uniform?

This would be great in every way for every skip hire company in the world. Uniformed skip size would mean we wouldn’t need to answer this question and we would imagine it would help with efficiency, but at the time of writing this post, we’re not actually sure how!

They aren’t uniform because they are made from scratch from a number of different suppliers all over the world. Below we have included a profile photo of a 6 Yard skip from Portugal next to one of our 6 Yard Skips. The Green Skip from Portugal (on the left) has a completely flat top whereas the vast majority of the 6 Yard Skips made in the UK have higher sides than the ends – this is preferable as it helps you load the skip with lower ends, and it means that you can pile it up more in the middle – Although we always ask that you don’t pile them too high, and keep a level load.

How can I find out the exact cubic size of a skip?

This is a great question. If you are interested in working out the exact volume of a skip then email us on info@batemanskips.co.uk and we will help you measure the skip and get the exact volume.